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The state of Florida offers workers’ compensation benefits to individuals who suffer from occupational disease. If you developed a serious illness or lifelong disease as a result of the nature of your employment, you could be entitled to the same type of workers’ compensation coverage offered to employees injured on the job.

In order to successfully file a workers’ compensation claim for an occupational disease, you must prove the illness resulted from exposure to a substance known to be harmful. You must also prove that the disease developed as a direct result of your line of work. In other words, if signs or symptoms of the illness were documented prior to your current work, it may not qualify as an occupational disease. Medical testing, including a physician’s examination, may be required to prove this.

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Occupational and Industrial Diseases

Not all work-related illnesses can be classified as occupational diseases. Only those that fit the criteria listed above will be considered an occupational disease. Common examples include but are not limited to:

  • Cancer
  • Lung / Respiratory Disease
  • Radiation Sickness
  • Skin Disease

Please note this is not a comprehensive list of the occupational diseases affecting employees in Florida. If prolonged exposure to a harmful substance in your work environment resulted in long-term illness or disease, you may qualify for workers’ compensation – even if the illness is not listed above. Contact us at Touby, Chait & Sicking, PL for more information.

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