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Miami Workers' Compensation FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Being injured on the job is both physically painful and emotionally stressful. The last thing you should have to worry about when you have been hurt is how you will pay your bills or if you qualify for workers' compensation. Fortunately, our Miami workers' compensation attorneys at Touby, Chait & Sicking, PL are here to help you. We can ensure you understand your rights and guide you through the process.

Do I Qualify for Workers' Compensation?

Your employer is required to have workers' compensation insurance to cover incidents like yours, when you are hurt on the job. If you have been injured in your workplace or while carrying out a task for work, such as driving a company car, you may qualify.

What Are the Advantages of Workers' Compensation?

The benefit of workers' compensation is that you will be able to take the time you need to heal from your injuries and not worry about paying your medical expenses or losing out on wages. Workers' compensation should cover everything you need until you're better.

What if Another Person Caused the Accident?

If you believe a third party was responsible for the accident, you may be able to file a personal injury claim. However, concentrating on holding your employer responsible for the workers' compensation claim is what our firm does best.

Do I Have Rights if I am Permanently Disabled?

If you are permanently disabled by the accident or injury suffered in the workplace and unable to return to work, you may qualify for disability benefits. This is something our Miami workers' compensation attorney can discuss with you in greater detail.

What if My Employer Refuses to Pay?

If your employer refuses to pay out on your claim or your claim is denied, you can take action or appeal the denied claim. Our firm is dedicated to helping you get the compensation and benefits you deserve.

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