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Q: What time limits apply to workers’ compensation in Florida?

The time limits in worker's compensation start with the notice requirement. You must notify your employer within 30 days of an accident, that an accident has occurred. The other significant time limits in Florida are known as the "statute of limitations." The statute of limitations says that you must file a petition for benefits within 2 years of the date of accident, or within 1 year of the last provision of authorized medical care of indemnity payment.

If you fail to adhere to any of these time frames, you may jeopardize the validity of your worker's compensation claim.

The statute of limitations in workers' compensation is tricky. It's more complex than an ordinary personal injury type case. Consequently, it's important to make sure you're sitting down and consulting with a competent workers' compensation attorney to understand your rights and your obligations under the statute of limitations so you are always eligible to be able to file a petition for benefits.

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