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Chapters 175 and 185 of the Florida Statutes provide pensions for municipal and district firefighters and law enforcement officers. These pensions are typically handled by unions, and the collective bargaining agreement of the union will state the terms of the pension. These statutes and ordinances include disability benefits for in-line-of-duty and non-line-of-duty injuries (regular disability). If you have been disabled, you may want a lawyer on your side before you begin the application process.

The attorneys at Touby, Chait & Sicking, PL, can help you with your disability benefits application from the start. Like many types of disability benefits, initial claims are often denied, especially when submitted without a lawyer's assistance. You have the right to work with an attorney throughout the process. Talk with our Miami workers' compensation lawyers today to learn more.

Regular Injuries And Line-Of-Duty Injuries Are Eligible

Eligibility for regular or non-line-of-duty disability retirement requires at least some years of creditable service. You must be totally and permanently disabled from all types of work law enforcement or firefighting at the time you leave your job and for the rest of your retirement.

Eligibility for in-line-of-duty disability retirement requires that you are completely and permanently disabled due to an illness or injury on the job. You must be totally and permanently disabled from law enforcement or firefighting or all types of work for general employees at the time you leave your FRS job and for the rest of retirement. You are eligible for this type of disability from your first day on the job. You must, however, complete a notice of injury report or give your employer other proof that the injury/illness was caused in the line of duty.

Our Miami workers' compensation attorneys have the experience to know what type of information you need to provide with your applications. People often fail to provide sufficient medical information or fail to accurately complete the entire application. We can correct these errors and argue your case for benefits.

If you have been injured in the line of duty, you may be eligible for benefits. Call us today at 1 305.257.9472 to learn more about your options.

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